Upcoming Dates:

October 28

November 18

Visit the library on a Saturday to explore the library's collection of STEM games, robots, and challenges.  This program is designed for parents and children to work together to explore and learn different basic STEM and coding skills.  Some challenges will require adult input and supervision while others will require children to work together as a group.

While we have a wide range of different STEM activities this program is best for children in grades 2 through 5.  Younger children are welcome, but will need more parental involvement.

Toddler Tales Story Time (2 to 4 years)

Thursday Mornings at 11:00 AM

Fall 2017 Dates

September 28 to November 16

Our Toddler Tales Story Times are specially tailored for young book lovers and their caregivers. These are open story times and there is no registration needed or residency requirement. Please keep in mind that for this story time our staff selects books, songs, and activities which are appropriate for 2 to 4 year old children.  Younger children may be frustrated by projects which are beyond their skill.

Each story time usually has a theme.  We pick 2 to 4 stories which compliment that theme and some finger plays, rhymes, or songs.  During the stories we encourage children to interact with the library staff reading/telling the stories.  We often ask questions, answer questions, ask for help, etc.  Our goal is not a classroom atmosphere, but a fun and pleasant time spent at the library learning and growing.

Story Time Tips:

  • Please try to be on time.  This is not only courteous to the storyteller, but it helps the children focus and enjoy the story time.

  • Don’t stress if your child cannot ‘sit still’ through the whole story time.  If your child needs to roam about the room, let them.  It really is OK with us.

  • We love having the caregivers be part of our story time.  Be present and focus on the stories or craft.  If you show that you value focusing on the stories or activities, the child you are with will pick up on that and begin to learn to focus on those activities.  



Evening Family Story Times

Monday Evenings @ 7:00 p.m.

Fall 2017 Dates

October 2 to November 13**

**We are canceling our September 25 evening story time due to the rescheduling of Tenafly Community Night. Please visit our Children's Librarian at the Friends of the Tenafly Library table at Tenafly Community Night on Riveredge Rd.**


Monday evening story times are for the whole family! 

Children of all ages are welcome to attend with their family and friends.  Together we wind down from those busy days with a few stories selected for wide appeal.

Exposure to a wide variety of language, ideas, and cultures help develop a child's curiosity about the world.  Multi-age programs also add to the social development of young children.   We strive to select materials which will be interesting when read aloud, visually appealing, and culturally diverse.  We also strive to keep the activity and energy calm for this story time since it is an end of day activity for most children who attend.  While we often end this program with a craft, we do not ALWAYS have a project.

Children are welcome to attend in P.J.s or with their favorite blankie, stuffed animal, or lovey.


Crafty Saturdays

Saturday Mornings once a month at 11:00 a.m.

Upcoming Dates:

October 21

November 11* (Author Visit following)

December 23

The whole family is invited to come and stretch their creativity! 

Sometimes we will have kits or a specific craft and other times there will be craft supplies and the freedom to create whatever you would like! 

Due to the types of art supplies that we may be using such as paints, beads, or fine string, this program is best for children ages 6+ or younger children with caregivers.  Younger children are welcome, but caregivers should be aware that they may need to help the child.  

Library staff will be present and can help with questions, but this is an INDEPENDENT CRAFTING time.  EVERYONE (adults included!) are encouraged to join in the making of awesome stuff.