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Need help with Hoopla? Go here!

Need help with Hoopla? Go here!


Go to www.hoopladigital.com to sign up for free movies, music, graphic novels, audiobooks, ebooks, and TV episodes. Have your library card ready to set up your free account. 

All materials can be streamed to Macs and Windows PCs. They can also be streamed or downloaded to Android and iOS mobile devices. (The app is now also available for many Kindle Fire devices. ) The mobile app makes it possible to download ebooks, graphic novels, music, movies, TV shows, and audio books for viewing or listening later. Download what you want while at home (in your WiFi network) and you won't have to worry about paying expensive cellular data fees or being disconnected while on a plane! 

Our customers can stream or download up to 20 items per month! That's 20 full albums of music, 20 movies, 20 TV episodes, OR 20 audiobooks (or any combination of those formats, adding up to 20 total items!)     

Get in there and start enjoying some great stuff!