I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone

  Call the Doctor  by Sleater-Kinney

Call the Doctor by Sleater-Kinney

  Fontanelle  by Babes in Toyland 

Fontanelle by Babes in Toyland 

I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone by Stephanie Kuehnert is the story of Emily, a young women growing up with her father, and her struggle to come to terms with being abandoned by her mother. The story is that her mother decided she needed to leave her family behind (in 1977 or so) order to follow punk rock as it moved across and around the United States. About 12 years later Emily becomes deeply involved in the local punk resurgence and starts a punk band of her own. The book shares it's title with a track from Call the Doctor by Sleater-Kinney--so that's an obvious pairing. I would also suggest a Babes in Toyland album, since Emily is a mid-western girl (Babes in Toyland are from Minneapolis) who reminds me of Kat Bjelland. You can borrow Fontanelle or Call the Doctor on Hoopla! Slower readers might want to select some additional great albums by both bands. Most of these are available on Hoopla as well.