Brave New Girl

Brave New Girl by Louisa Luna centers around a teenage girl (Doreen) who is obsessed with the Pixies and particularly, bassist Kim Deal.  

One would hope that a good listen would give you some insight into the justification for this obsession. It's not a long book, so you could probably get through it while listening to the Pixies first 5 albums, just once. If I'm wrong, you could tack on Deal's other projects, the Breeders (with her sister Kelley) and the Amps. 

During the early days of the Pixie`s reunion tour (2004), an excited young female fan passed Kim Deal a paperback. This book (Brave New Girl) is what brought this girl to know and love the Pixies` music. An excerpt of the film appears below. Fast forward to 3:35 to hear this girls explanation. Fast forward to the 6:35 mark to see Kim's reaction to the book.