Our Favorite books this March

These Rocks Count! by Alison Formento

A great book which includes information on nature and the basic concept of counting.  Whether you are working on 1, 2, 3...with your toddler or talking about nature with your kindergartner, this book by a local author is a charming one to share.  If you are planning on a nature walk or hike, read this first then look together for sparkling rocks or count different colored pebbles as you see them on your walk.

Mummy Cat by Marcus Ewert

This may not be for everyone, after all it stars a dead cat, but if you have a young reader who is interested in Egypt or loves cats this is a hidden gem.  Mummy cat explores his Queen's tomb and provides a peek into ancient Egyptian culture.  The adorable artwork softens the darker aspects of the setting, but does introduce things like mummies, hieroglyphics, and Hatshepsut (a female who ruled as pharaoh).  After sharing the story, look in the back of the book for sets of hieroglyphs and their meanings in this book.  When you share the book again, look for the hieroglyphs in the illustrations.