Family Story Times

Monday evenings we invite the whole family to enjoy a story time.  This story time is scheduled in the evening to allow working parents and older children to get home, finish homework, or do whatever needs to be done and then come to the library and wind down before heading home to bed.  Children of all ages are welcome at our Family Story Times and stories for older children are included in our book selection.  Since it is an evening story time, children are welcome to attend in their PJs and even bring their favorite stuffed friend or blanket.
There is no registration necessary for our Family Story Times and there is no residency requirement either.

Story Time Rules:

  • Please try to be on time.  This is not only courteous to the storyteller, but it helps the children focus and enjoy the story time.
  • Don’t stress if your child cannot ‘sit still’ through the whole story time.  If your child needs to roam about the room, let them.  It really is OK with us.
  • If you wish to socialize with other caregivers, please wait until after the stories are over or leave the room.  We love having the caregivers be part of our story time, but the children will not be able to hear and focus on the stories and activities if adults are chatting in the background.