Tenafly School Summer Reading Lists

Don't know where to start picking what to read this summer?  Check out these reading lists from the Tenafly Schools to get started.

For Entering Kindergarten or 1st Grade

2014 Tenafly Schools Reading List Grades K - 1

Tenafly Call Number            Title                                                      Author

J P SHANNON            A Bad Case of Stripes                          Shannon, David

J P VIORST                  Alexander and the Terrible,

                                      Horrible, Rotten Day                           Viorst, Judith

J R PARISH                  Amelia Bedelia Sleeps Over              Parish, Herman

J FIC DiCAMILLO       Bink & Gollie                                          DiCamillo, Kate

J P ROCCO                  Blackout                                                  Rocco, John

J P FRAZEE                  Boss Baby                                                Frazee, Marla

                                      Eat Your Peas: A Daisy Book             Gray, Kes

J P ZION                       Harry The Dirty Dog                             Zion, Gene

J P KLASSEN               I Want My Hat Back                             Klassen, Jon

J P BROWN                 Mr. Tiger Goes Wild                            Brown, Peter

                                      Night Before First Grade                    Wing, Natasha

                                      Night Before Kindergarten                Wing, Natasha

J P RATHMANN        Officer Buckle and Gloria                  Rathmann, Peggy

J P HENKES                 Owen                                                        Henkes, Kevin

J599 PANDA RYD     Panda Kindergarten                            Ryder, Joanne

J P DEAN/J R DEAN  Pete the Cat                                           Dean, James

J R BELLE                     Rabbit & Robot: The Sleepover       Belle, Cece

J P PFISTER                 Rainbow Fish                                         Pfister, Marcus

J P BARTON                Shark vs. Train                                       Barton, Chris

J P DAYWALT             The Day the Crayons Quit                 Daywalt, Drew

J P SILVERSTEIN        The Giving Tree                                     Silverstein, Shel

J P CARLE                    The Very Hungry Caterpillar             Carle, Eric

Recommended Series

J P, J R, and J Fic

Brown                          Arthur                                                      Brown, Marc

J P and

J R CAPUCILLI            Biscuit                                                      Capucilli, Alyssa

J P and J R Bridwell Clifford the Big Red Dog                     Bridwell, Norman

J P AND J R REY         Curious George                                     Rey, H.A.

J P WILLEMS              "Don’t Let the Pigeon" Series           Willems, Mo

J R WILLEMS              Elephant and Piggie                            Willems, Mo

J P and J R

O’CONNER                 Fancy Nancy                                          O'Connor, Nancy

J R ARNOLD               Fly Guy                                                     Arnold, Tedd

J R RYLANT                 Henry and Mudge                                Rylant, Cynthia

J P NUMEROFF         If You Give a Mouse a Cookie          Numeroff, Laura

                                      Katie Woo                                               Manushkin, Katie Woo

J R RYLANT                 Putter & Tabby                                      Rylant, Cynthia

J FIC MEADOWS       Rainbow Magic                                     Meadows, Daisy

J FIC MILES                 Puppy Place                                           Miles, Ellen

J R ARNOLD               Frog and Toad                                       Lobel, Arnold

J FIC DiCAMILLO       Mercy Watson Series                          DiCamillo, Kate


For entering grades 2nd or 3rd...

2014 Tenafly Schools Reading List for Grades 2 and 3

Tenafly Call Number             Title                                                            Author


                                                Arnie the Doughnut                                  Keller, Laurie

J P SCIESZKA                           Battle Bunny                                             Scieszka, Jon

J FIC DiCAMILLO                    Because of Winn Dixie                             DiCamillo, Kate

J FIC WHITE                            Charlotte's Web                                        White, E.B.

                                                Chocolate Fever                                        Smith, Robert Kimmel

                                                Chocolate Touch                                       Catling, Patrick Skene

                                                Dancing Home                                          Aida, Alma Flor and Gabrielle


J FIC WARNER                        EllRay Jakes                                               Warner, Sally

J FIC BLUME                           Freckle Juice                                              Blume, Judy

J FIC BLUME                           Fudge                                                         Blume, Judy

J FIC DAVIES                           Lemonade War                                         Davies, Jacqueline

                                                Lulu and the Brontosaurus                      Viorst, Judith

J FIC DiCAMILLO                    Miraculous Journey of Edward

                                                Tulane                                                        DiCamillo, Kate

J FIC HORVATH                      Mr. and Mrs. Bunny –

                                                Detectives Extraordinaires!                     Horvath, Polly

J FIC PECK                               Secrets at Sea                                            Peck, Richard and Kelly Murphy

J FIC MASS                             Space Taxi: Archie Takes Flight               Mass, Wendy and Brawer,


                                                Stone Fox                                                  Gardiner, John Reynolds

J FIC POLACCO                       Thank you Mr. Falker                               Polacco, Patricia

J FIC MCCALL                         The Great Cake Mystery                          Smith, Alexander McCall

J BIO BRIDGES                        The Story of Ruby Bridges                        Coles, Robert

J FIC HENKES                          Year of Billy Miller                                    Henkes, Kevin

J POETRY HOBERMAN           You Read To Me, I'll Read To You            Hoberman, Mary Ann


                                                A Black Hole is not a Hole                        Carolyn, DeCristofano

                                                Abe Lincoln's Hat                                      Brenner, Martha

J796.35 VER                           Brothers at Bat                                          Vernick, Audrey

J595.7 ARN                            Creep and Flutter: The Secret World

                                                Of Insects and Spiders                              Arnosky, Jim

J641.501 MCC                       Eat Your Math Homework                       McCallum, Ann

J973.4 CHA                             George Washington's Teeth                    Chandra, Deborah

J 796.323 COY                       Hoop Genius: How a Desperate

                                                Teacher and a Rowdy Gym Class

                                                Invented Basketball                                  Coy, John

                                                Island: A Story of the Galápagos             Chin, Jason

J597.96 BIS                            Snakes (and Other Titles)                         Bishop, Nic

                                                The Beatles Were Fab (And they

                                                were funny)                                               Krull, Kathleen

J595.76 JEN                           The Beetle Book                                        Jenkins, Steve

J621.38 KRU                          The Boy Who Invented TV: The Story

                                                 of Philo Farnsworth                                 Krull, Kathleen

Various Call #s                       The Magic School Bus (various titles)     Cole, Joanna

J BIO                                        Picture Book Biographies                         Adler, David


                                                43 Old Cemetery Road                             Klise, Kate

J FIC ROY                                A to Z Mysteries                                        Roy, Ron

J FIC LOOK                              Alvin Ho                                                     Look, Lenore

J P or J FIC BRUEL                  Bad Kitty                                                    Bruel, Nick

J FIC DADEY                            Bailey School Kids                                     Dadey, Debbie

J FIC or J GRAPHIC PEIRCE     Big Nate                                                     Peirce, Lincoln

J FIC SALISBURY                     Calvin Coconut                                          Salisbury, Graham

J R or J FIC ADLER                  Cam Jansen                                               Adler, Dan

J FIC BARDEN                         Cinderella Smith                                       Barden, Stephanie

J FIC PENNYPACKER              Clementine                                                Pennypacker, Sarah

J FIC or J GRAPHIC STILTON  Geronimo Stilton                                      Stilton, Geronimo

J FIC LOWRY                           Goony Bird Greene                                   Lowry, Lois

J FIC BARROWS                      Ivy and Bean                                             Barrows, Annie

J FIC MCDONALD                   Judy Moody                                              McDonald, Megan

J GRAPHIC LUNCH                 Lunch Lady                                                Krosoczka, Jarre_ J

J FIC OSBORNE                       Magic Tree House                                     Osborne, Mary Pope

J FIC FRIEDMAN                     Mallory                                                      Friedman, Laurie B

J FIC GUTMAN                       My Weird School Series                           Gutman, Dan

J FIC O’CONNOR                    Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth                     O'Connor, Jane

J FIC GREENE                          Princess Posey                                          Roth, Stephanie and Stephanie Greene

For entering grades 4th or 5th...


Tenafly Schools Reading List Entering Grades 4 or 5


Tenafly Call Number           Title                                                   Author



J FIC GIDWITZ                      A Tale Dark and Grimm                                              Gidwitz, Adam

YA FIC L’ENGLE                  A Wrinkle in Time                                                         L'Engle, Madeline

J FIC NAYLOR                      Boys against Girls                                                       Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds

J FIC CURTIS                       Bud, not Buddy                                                            Curtis, Christopher Paul

J FIC GANTOS                     Dead End in Norvelt                                                    Gantos, Jack

J FIC                                       Dear Mr. Henshaw                                                      Cleary, Beverly

J FIC CATANESE                 Dragon Games                                                            Catanese, PW

J FIC GRABENSTEIN          Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library                      Grabenstein, Chris

J FIC KONIGSBURG            From the Mixed Up Files of Basil E. Frankweiler                                                Konigsburg, E.L.

J FIC CREECH                     Granny Torrelli Makes Soup                                      Creech, Sharon

J FIC PAULSEN                    Hatchet                                                                         Paulsen, Gary

J FIC SACHAR                      Holes                                                                            Sachar, Louis

YA FIC HIAASEN                  Hoot                                                 Hiaasen, Carl

J FIC                                       I, Funny                                                 Patterson, James

J FIC LORD                           In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson          Lord, Bette

J FIC BARNHILL                   Iron Hearted Violet                                                      Kelly Barnhill

J FIC BRADLEY                    Jefferson's Sons                                                         Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker

J FIC COLFER                      Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell                           Colfer, Chris

J FIC STEAD                         Liar and Spy                                                                 Stead, Rebecca

J FIC PAULSEN                    Liar, Liar                                                                        Paulsen, Gary

J FIC CLEMENTS                 No Talking                                                 Clements, Andrew

J FIC WILLIAMS-GARCIA   One Crazy Summer                                                    Garcia, Rita Williams

J FIC DRAPER                      Out of My Mind                                                            Draper, Sharon

J FIC AUXIER                       Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes                       Auxier, Jonathan

J FIC LORD                           Rules                                                                            Lord, Cynthia

J FIC LAW                             Savvy                                                                            Law, Ingrid

J FIC NAYLOR                      Shiloh                                                                            Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds

J FIC AVI                                Sophia's War: A Tale of the Revolution                    Avi

J FIC GIFF                             Storyteller                                                                     Giff, Patricia Reilly

J FIC GUTMAN                     The Homework Machine                                            Gutman, Dan

J FIC APPLEGATE               The One and Only Ivan                                                 Applegate, Katherine

J FIC PASTIS                        Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made                        Pastis, Stephan

J FIC HOLM                           Turtle in Paradise                                                        Holm, Jennifer L

J FIC KORMAN                     Ungifted                                                                        Korman, Gordon

J FIC LIN                                Where the Mountain Meets the Moon                       Lin, Grace

J FIC PALACIO                     Wonder                                                                         Palacio, RJ



                                                13 Planets: The Latest View of the Solar System   Aguilar, David A.

J BIO EARHART                   Amelia Lost :The Life and Disappearance of

                                                Amelia Earhart                                                             Fleming, Candace

                                                Baby Mammoth Mummy: Frozen in Time!: A

                                                Prehistoric Animal’s Journey into the 21st Century  Sloan, Christopher

                                                Behind Rebel Lines                                                     Reit, Seymour

                                                Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of

                                                Batman                                                Nobleman, Marc Tyler

J BIO CLOSE                        Chuck Close: Face Book                                            Close, Chuck

J 920.72 ROB                        Founding Mothers: Remembering the Ladies          Roberts, Cokie

J 920 BRA                             How They Croaked: The Awful Ends of the

                                                Awfully Famous                                                           Bragg, Georgia

                                                In Search of Sasquatch                                              Halls, Kelly Milner

J POETRY RACZKA            Lemonade, and Other Poems Squeezed from

                                                a Single Word                                                              Raczka, Bob

J 625 FLO                              Locomotive                                                                  Floca, Brian

J POETRY SINGER             Mirror Mirror : A Book of Reversible Verse               Singer, Marilyn

                                                Nurse, Soldier, Spy: The Story of Sarah Edmonds,

                                                a Civil War Hero                                                           Moss, Marissa

J 940.53 HOD                       Rescuing the Children: The Story of the

                                                Kindertransport                                                            Hodge, Deborah

                                                Sparky : The Life and Art of Charles Schulz                                                 Gherman, Beverly

                                                Surviving the Hindenberg                                                 Verstraete, Larry

J 292 NAP                             Treasury of Greek Mythology : Classic Stories

                                                of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes & Monsters               Napoli, Donna Jo

J BIO (last name of subject) Who Was…? Who Is…? Series                                 Various Authors

Varies                                     What Is….? Series                                                      Various Authors

Varies                                     You Choose History Series                                        Various Authors



J FIC THIRTY                        39 Clues                                                                       Various Authors

J FIC GUTMAN                     The Genius Files                                                         Gutman, Dan

                                                Humphrey Adventures                                                Birney, Betty G

J FIC TARSHIS                     I Survived Series                                                         Tarshis, Lauren

J FIC BUCKLEY                    N.E.R.D.S                                                                     Buckley, Michael

J FIC and YA FIC RIORDAN                                                                                     Percy Jackson & the Olympians    Riordan, Rick

J FIC SNICKET                     Series of Unfortunate Events                                     Snicket, Lemony

J FIC DAVIES                        The Lemonade War                                                    Davies, Jacqueline

J FIC BUCKLEY                    The Sisters Grimm                                                      Buckley, Michael

J FIC ANGLEBERGER        The Strange Case of Origami Yoda                                                 Angleberger, Tom

J FIC and

J GRAPHIC HUNTER          The Warriors Series                                                    Hunter, Erin