Tuesdays 10:30 AM

Fall 2017 DATES

September 26 to November 21

Our Baby Bookworm program is a great way to start working on early literacy and learning skills with your baby, and to have fun doing it!

Our Baby Time programs include a variety of activities to help create a strong foundation for learning and literacy.  

 We will share stories and music.   Whether you are a parent, grandparent, relative, or nanny, come in ready to be a part of the fun! Lend your voice to the songs, keep younger babies on your lap and add a bounce to finger plays or rhymes, and dance through bubbles with your little one at the close of the program!  All of these actions will inspire your little one to bond with books and words.  Children learn by being exposed to language and activity as well as by modeling behavior of adults.  

Sensory play encourages young children to explore their world and socialize with other children their own age and helps to develop hand-eye coordination, social skills, and language development.  Hands on toys such as blocks, lego, and puzzles can help develop cognitive skills such as problem solving and social skills like taking turns and sharing.  Remember the more language babies are exposed to the more cognitive skills they develop!  Exposure to different stimulus - toys, people, places, activities - all help which is why we include active and sensory play during our baby times.

If you are enjoying our Baby Time classes, think about registering for 1000 Books Before Kindergarten!


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